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Are you interested in opening a Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy? Terry Griffiths is looking for business partners to work with in opening Terry Griffiths Snooker Academies across the globe.

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Developed and supported by former world champion and leading snooker coach, Terry Griffiths OBE, these Snooker Academies will be centres of excellence that will set out to revolutionise the way in which snooker training is delivered.

Terry Griffiths Snooker Academies can provide you with everything you need to support a training academy. With a whole structure and world class reputation included, you could see this venture develop into a fantastic business opportunity.

Other advantages afforded to you by setting up a Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy include: 

  • An opportunity for players to reach professional status using a structured, 8000 hour development program;
  • Direct access to remote internet lessons and video conferencing with Terry Griffiths and Wayne Griffiths;
  • Continued support and mentoring via the internet from Terry Griffiths and other Senior Coaches in the Academy structure;
  • Fast-track access to Junior Scholarship schemes for the most promising Academy players (optional);
  • Structured training for your Senior Coaches in every aspect of Terry Griffiths' coaching methods;
  • Daily, weekly and ongoing training plans for coaches and players;
  • Assistance in developing programs to increase participation rates in your area;
  • Branded marketing and promotional materials including wall mounted banners, clothing and free standing advertising stands;
  • A  concentration of the best players in your area/country. This will provide vital, highly competitive practice opportunities for all your strongest players;
  • Players and coaches will have everything they need to succeed on a local basis, instead of having to pay to import temporary coaches and/or send players overseas for training at a very young age;
  • The Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy in South Wales will be offered to all worldwide registered Academy players as a UK practise base in preparation for any U.K. based qualifying competitions;
  • Your Snooker Academy could be used as part of a general cue-sports centre of excellence. This gives you the option to add 8 ball pool, 9 ball pool, billiards or any other cue-sports to the Academy set  up (our Snooker Lab software can be adapted for use with all cue-sports).

For the first time ever your players will get unprecedented access to the tools, techniques and opinions of former world champion and leading world coach, Terry Griffiths. In his role as a leading world coach Terry Griffiths has worked with 6 world champions and many other players regularly featuring in the elite top 16.

This has provided Terry with a wealth of information - this know-how could now be shared with coaches and players in your very own Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy!

Hendry & Griffiths Coaching

For more information regarding this exciting opportunity to set up your own Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy, wherever you are in the world, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

New Ownership

As you may have read, the Terry Griffiths Matchroom may soon be under new ownership. No need to fear however, first class snooker facilities will still be available to members old and new and Terry Griffiths OBE will still be the resident Coach here at the Matchroom.
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Hong Kong Head Coach

Terry Griffiths snooker's Coaching Development Director, Wayne Griffiths has been selected to be the first Head Coach for Billiard Sports at the Hong Kong Institute of Sport.
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