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Coaching Tips 1

Here at Terry Griffiths Snooker we would like to share some snooker tips and trade secrets that may help you to improve your game. Terry Griffiths has picked up many helpful snooker tips over the years, as well as picking up 'pearls of wisdom' from other great players and knowledgable coaches along the way. On this page he will share some of these 'nuggets' with you.

Feel free to share the contents of this coaching page with your friends - or is your will to win going to encourage you to keep the contents of this page a secret?

This week's coaching tip:

"Relax the pressure of your grip on the butt of the cue for any shot that does not require spin to be applied to the cue ball (a plain ball shot). This is especially helpful on fine, plain ball safety shots where line and length are very important. A tighter grip can often cause a player to deliver across the line, while a slacker grip will often give a straighter delivery of the cue and afford the player a better 'feel' for judging the pace required"

Terry Griffiths