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Coaching Tips 2

Here at Terry Griffiths Snooker we would like to share some snooker tips and trade secrets that may help you to improve your game. Terry Griffiths has picked up many helpful snooker tips over the years, as well as picking up 'pearls of wisdom' from other great players and knowledgable coaches along the way. On this page he will share some of these 'nuggets' with you.

Every month we hope to have a new 'Tip of the Month' for you to try out on the snooker table. Feel free to share the contents of this coaching page with your friends - or is your will to win going to encourage you to keep the contents of this page a secret?

This month's coaching tip:

"Take some time to make sure your tip is as close as possible to the cue ball in the address position when using the rest. Because your head is further away from the cue ball when using the rest, it is more difficult to judge this distance and many players have their tip more than 2 - 3 inches (50 - 80 mm) from the cue ball to start with. This will make accurate delivery very difficult. The way you hold the cue when using the rest means that you only have a short distance in which the cue can stay on a straight line. By having the tip so far from the cue ball at address, you are giving away a large percenatge of the straight cueing that is available to you. To help with this check, lift the butt of the cue and drop the tip onto the baize when you address the cue ball. This gives you a far better idea of how far away your tip actually is from the cue ball. With your tip still on the baize move the tip (not the rest head) closer to the cue ball. This will help with accuracy and with the correct application of spins".

Terry Griffiths