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Coaching Tips 4

Here at Terry Griffiths Snooker we would like to share some snooker tips and trade secrets that may help you to improve your game. Terry Griffiths has picked up many helpful snooker tips over the years, as well as picking up 'pearls of wisdom' from other great players and knowledgable coaches along the way. On this page he will share some of these 'nuggets' with you.

Every month we hope to have a new 'Tip of the Month' for you to try out on the snooker table. Feel free to share the contents of this coaching page with your friends - or is your will to win going to encourage you to keep the contents of this page a secret?

This month's coaching tip:

"Maximise the potential available during your solo practice sessions. Solo time is recommended at between 30% and 50% of your total practice time (maybe more than 50% if you are working on technical changes).
Always approach your solo sessions with a clear plan and clear goals in mind - or even better write out your plans and goals for the session in advance. Use routines that will target weaknesses in your game and always keep a record of your best scores.
If you make a mistake in a routine, you MUST start the exercise again. This instils discipline, increases motivation and can put you under pressure - pressure you will find yourself under in a match. You would be well served to repeat any shot that forced an error until you get it right. Make a mental note of the correction for future reference."

Terry Griffiths OBE