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One to One Coaching

Individual or one to one coaching is the most effective way to give and receive technical coaching in snooker. In this format the coach can give his/her undivided attention to the student

One to one coaching at the Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy (Wales) takes place in the renowned private Matchroom facility at the Terry Griffiths Matchroom Club in Llanelli. The Matchroom facility is home to a former tournament Riley snooker table. 

All one to one coaching at Terry Griffiths Academies will follow a set structure that will involve meet and greet, pupil review, first assessment and table familiarisation, technical appraisal, priority technical planning (based on pupil review and technical appraisal) and a full technical lesson to address the key issues that have been highlighted.

Every one to one lesson finishes with the opportunity to discuss the lesson and ask questions and every pupil is sent a full, written technical report within 72 hours. View an example snooker lesson plan.

One to One Lessons with Terry Griffiths cost £150.00 per Hour for Professional Players and £120.00 per Hour for Amateur Players (Minimum of 2 hours). 

Terry and Wayne Griffiths

Dates and times for one to one coaching are flexible and subject to availability. For more information or to book a one to one lesson at the Terry Griffiths Snooker Academy (Wales), please call Terry on 07768-350975 or contact him by email -