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Terry Griffiths Snooker - Typical Lesson Plan

Any player that visits Terry Griffiths Snooker Academies for a one to one lesson can expect a similar process to be followed. This ensures that every visitor gets the same level of service as we strive to create a road map for an effective set of snooker lessons.

Shown below is a snapshot of the process used for one to one snooker lessons at Terry Griffiths Snooker Academies:

  • Meet and greet;
  • Fill in Player Review questionnaire to start a road map for how the lesson(s) will proceed to best suit the needs of the student;
  • Table familiarisation for the player and general overview for coach;
  • Detailed summary of all technical aspects recorded on Player Record sheet;
  • Prioritise faults for correction;
  • Discuss improvements with the student;
  • Carry out technical improvements;
  • Opportunity for student questions;
  • Verbal summary given by coach;
  • Full written summary to be sent to the student within 3 days.