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Welcome to Terry Griffiths Coaching.

This website, dedicated to improving your game, will provide you with everything you could possibly need to learn snooker or to develop your existing snooker skills. Terry Griffiths OBE has achieved an unrivalled reputation, with almost 50 years of experience as a snooker player and a coach. He has no peer in snooker coaching and development that can boast his playing and coaching credentials.


Terry now offers you the first chance ever to get direct access to advice on your snooker technique. 

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Train to be a Snooker Coach

Terry's methods for coaching snooker's technique offer the most consistent results in a game of very small margins of error. Click here for more details on becoming a Terry Griffiths Snooker Accredited Coach.

Learn Snooker Tips

Follow detailed snooker tips from one of the leading coaches in the world. Calling on all his experience as a player and coach, Terry Griffiths OBE offers you an insight into the tips that have helped him over the last 40 years in the game.

A Gift to Remember

Buy a special family member or friend a gift with a difference - some snooker lessons with a former World Champion. Click the link below to find out more about the coaching options available with Terry Griffiths OBE.